Budco Products, manufacturer of Camp Trunks, Storage Trunks, Steamer Trunks, Footlockers and more.


We offer three different models for all your camping needs. Available with or without wheels.

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Dorm trunks for all your storage needs. Also doubles as a great dorm coffee table.

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NEW! from Budco Products is this unique decorator steamer trunk, covered in a rich dark brown alligator print.

Camp Trunks and camping trunks college dorm trunk and footlocker Featured Trunk, Steamer Trunk

Budco Products, Inc. has proudly manufactured handmade, high quality trunks, for over 40 years. We use the best materials including: superb wood construction, sturdy leather handles, full size trays, durable vinyl exterior, secure key-lock with a padlock hasp, tongue and groove closure ensuring a dust-proof interior, attractive nickel plated hardware, and stop hinges fastened with split steel rivets. Whether you need a travel trunk, storage, camping, equestrian, moving, or as functional furnishing, Budco has the trunk for you!

Our Trunk line includes Footlockers, Steamer Trunks, Tack Trunks, Storage Trunks, and Camp Trunks. Our featured handsome alligator covered trunk also serves as a great coffee table, a beautiful furnishing for any room and at the same time, accommodating your storage needs.

Concerned about lifting a heavy trunk? Budco solves this problem by creating our unique trunks and footlockers with wheels. Just lift it up and roll it away. We are proud to serve your storage, luggage, and moving needs, as we have for 40 years, with our superb trunks and footlockers.

Please call us at 401 767 2590 or email us at Budco200@aol.com and one of our staff would be happy to answer any questions.

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