Trees can surely give amazing aesthetic benefits for any lawn. Because of this, a lot of property owns like to have many greeneries in their homes. But, it’s vital to keep your trees far from your roof as much as possible. Despite their benefits, trees can become a source of headache and issues as well when it comes to roof maintenance. Trees’ destructive effects can’t be apparent right away and can take place gradually over a long time. Because of this, tree owners should be cautious about making sure that their roof is safe all the time. Here are some ways trees can be dangerous for roofs: 

High humidity 

Humidity and water problems are typical problems. Even though trees do a great job of giving fresh clean air to your house, they can produce a lot of humidity as well. Get preventive and regular maintenance on your roofing to keep humidity problems at bay throughout the year.  

Impact damage 

Not only trees can shed trees, but dried out branches and twigs can also fall on the panel of your roof. This can possibly result in impact damage as it knocks 1-2 shingle tabs off your roof, revealing the susceptible underlayment layer. If this is the case, make sure to consult your local roofer and ask for immediate repairs before the damage can get more extreme sooner or later.  

Clutters and debris 

You have to ensure that no branches will hang on top of any portion of the roof. This is especially essential for gutters as trees tend to have fallen leaves. Usually, such leaves wind up in downspouts and gutters, which causes clogging issues. Apart from that, fall is also the season when you should get your gutters cleared and blockage-free since you’ll be expecting frequent rains. Think about cleaning out your gutters and cutting overhanging branches to avoid experiencing any water-related issues on your roof.  

Falling trees 

One of the most damaging ways that a tree can harm your property is when a tree falls onto your roof since this can result in a lot of damage that can be time-consuming and expensive to fix. Moreover, it’s a threat to anyone who lives near your property. It’s extremely vital to make sure that you always inspect your trees around your house to seek for any signs of dying or rotting parts. When an older tree doesn’t appear stable, never think twice to contact a local tree arborist to help you take it down safely. This way, you can protect your property and family from danger. 

Moss growth 

A tree that gives shade by sunlight blocking can make an ideal breeding ground for moss to develop and accumulate along with the shingles. This can minimize your roofing’s lifespan eventually. Moreover, there’s a possibility that your roof’s shingles can break or even loose. To minimize moss development, you must cut any overhanging branches and avoid getting too much shade.  

To help maintain your roof, make sure to have it checked regularly with the help of the best roof company Leander today.