Some kitchens seem like the centerpiece of the home, while others only result in frustration. If you think that your kitchen matches the latter category, then there’s a possibility that your kitchen lacks some of the major traits that make a kitchen comfortable. In this article, we will be presenting these characteristics and discuss their significance to a custom kitchen that’s easy to use, functional, and fun.  

Enough storage 

A kitchen is considered as well-designed if it maximizes the available area by seizing each storage opportunity. For instance, cabinets must be positioned in spots that are usually ignored, such as on top of your fridge. Moreover, you can incorporate smart upgrades in your kitchen as well to optimize storage area accessibility like built-in organizers and pull-out shelving. 

Maximized lighting 

Sure, dim mood lighting can be perfect for lounge areas and dining rooms. However, it’s not recommendable for kitchen areas. Your kitchen needs to be well-lit and bright so stat you can precisely see what you are doing while handling hot cookware, searching your cabinets, and chopping vegetables.  

Spacious pathways 

Nothing can be worse than having a cramped kitchen. Sadly, such a kitchen is still prevalent today. If you have excessively narrow pathways between large appliances, islands, countertops, and walls, navigating and moving around your kitchen can be challenging.  

A comfortable kitchen should have sufficiently wide pathways that can accommodate several people at a time who work within your kitchen. In the working space of the kitchen, the pathway must be approximately 42-inch wide when there’s usually one cook. If you have additional cooks, we recommend you to make it 48-inch wide. Moreover, the walkway that passes through non-working spaces needs to be approximately 36-inch wide.  

Sufficient worktops 

The presence of sufficient workspace is among the vital characteristics that a comfortable kitchen has. By this, we mean that there must be enough surface space for the user to set down cookware, prep ingredients, and utilize small appliances like toasters and blenders. If you lack enough space for this, your kitchen will more likely be a chaotic and messy palace, to begin with.  

You can actually do several ways to boost the number of worktops accessible within your kitchen. Apart from setting up wider and longer granite countertops Dallas, you can also resort to having sinks that have built-in chopping board covers, which you can pull from kitchen islands and out from below the counter.  

A balanced work triangle 

In terms of kitchen design, the “work triangle” is the shape made by the lines that involve areas particularly refrigerator, stove, and sink. Usually, such lines will be areas of the kitchen that tend to be traveled more often. Thus, having a balanced work triangle with the right distance between every point is important.   

Basically, the overall sum of the lines of a work triangle—or known as legs—must not bebelow 10 feet nor more than 25 feet. The goal is to make it easier for you to walk and traverse from one kitchen area without walking too far or feeling too cramped.